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Download ➸ Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Author J.K. Rowling –

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition Of 9786062201494.Primul Volum Al Seriei Ni L Prezint Pe Harry Potter, Un B Ie El Obi Nuit P N La Zece Ani Cel Pu In A A Credea El , C Nd Prime Te O Invita Ie Pentru Anul Urm Tor La Hogwarts, Coala De Magie, Farmece I Vr Jitorii De Acum Ncolo, Ncepe S Trimit I S Primeasc Scrisori Cu Bufni A, Se Lupt Cu For Ele R Ului, Are Parte De Fel De Fel De Nt Mpl Ri Stranii I, Mai Ales, Nva S Joace V Jha Ca To I Vr Jitorii, Nu I A A Prin Succesul F R Precedent De Care S A Bucurat, Seria Harry Potter S A Dovedit A Fi Un Adev Rat Fenomen Editorial Romanele Lui J.K Rowling Prezint O Lume Magica, O Lume A Copiilor, N Care Adul Ii Nu Pot P Trunde Dec T Prin Ochii Celor Mici, Iar Hogwarts Coala De Magie, Farmece I Vr Jitorii Este Un Loc Extraordinar, Plin De Fantezie, Desp R It De Realitate Doar Printr Un Perete Extrem De Sub Ire Fiecare Volum Prezint Un An De Studiu La Hogwarts, Unde Harry Trece Prin Aventuri Care I Vor T Ia Respira Ia.

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    Can you hear me screaming As expected, the illustrations brought this book to a whole new level I legitimately want to buy another copy, solely to take it apart and frame it Each page is just bursting with new life Honestly, how could you not love such beautiful images I just can t get over how much detail is present in these pictures I think at this point, everyone and their great great grandmother has heard of this book.Harry Potter, orphaned before he was one, was sent to live with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon He was always a bit of an odd child much to his family s dismay Things just happened around him Like when he was running from bullies and jumped to the school roof Or when he got an atrocious haircut courtesy of Aunt Petunia and all of his hair grew back in a single night.On his eleventh birthday, a letter comes to him and a whole new world opens in front of his eyes.In short I LOVED THIS ONE I thought I loved the Harry Potter books when I first read them, but when I bought the illustrated versionwell, that love instantly quadrupled.The fully illustrated Philosopher s Stone still has all the wonder and amazement as the boy turned wizard embarks on a harrowing 7 book adventure and the illustrations bring a whole new dimension Seriously,...

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    I m going to keep this brief since there isn t much to say that hasn t already been said clears throat I think the reason I waited so long to read this series is because I just couldn t imagine myself enjoying reading about an eleven year old boy and his adventures at a school of wizardry I thought it would be too juvenile for my taste I was wrong, of course.I can honestly say that I loved every minute of this It s a spectacular little romp with funny, courageous, and endearing characters that you can t help but love.It has talking chess pieces, singing hats, a giant three headed dog named Fluffy, a hilarious giant with a dragon fetish, a master wizard that s just a little bit crazy, mail carrier owls, goblins running a bank, unicorns, centaurs , trolls and probably much that I m forgetting And then there s the lead characters Hermione, the young scholar who starts out prim an...

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    My original review was a comparison of sorts between Harry Potter and Twilight However, this is stupid as the two are incomparable Honestly, its not even worth discussing Its not just that Twilight doesn t come close, it is the fact that Harry Potter transcends other similar works Its peerless To quote Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction It ain t the same fuckin ballpark, it ain t the same league, it ain t even the same fuckin sport There was a day when I thought I needed to defend Harry Potter, in the midst of the now dead Twilight craze, and you can see that below in what was my original review It is a testament to the power of this series, that while various other franchises Twilight, Hunger Games have surged into popularity and then faded, Harry Potter remains unwaveringly strong after nineteen years It is clear readers hold just as much admiration for these books as they always have Time has not dimmed that.I will, one day, write an essay about what these books mean to me Eternal, this is the one that s...

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    Rereading for the 3rd time for the group read.Once upon a time, there was a 10th grader named Khanh who didn t get along with people very well She wasn t an outcast in school, and all the bullying and teasing stopped with the commencement of high school, but she had always been a bookworm and has generally preferred the company of her own thoughts.Lunchtime had always been dedicated not to eating, but to sitting in the library, browsing through books Not to worry, she got her nutrition in 5th period in the form of a giant 6 inch MM studded cookie and a package of Sour Patch Kids and or a package of Reese s Pieces Ah, the effortless metabolism of youth One day, there were shiny new books on her school library s New Releases shelf Harry Potter, books 1 through 3 She had heard of the books before, of course, since they were a constant presence on the NYT bestsellers list, but she had always avoided them, thinking of them as children s novels.At the grand age of 14, surely she was too old for a little kid s fantasy novel She had read the Outlander series earlier that year, after all And it had sex in it SEX She didn t really quite understand everything in the book, but the point is, she had read them Sur...

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    I m on page 27 I can already tell this is going to be a big hit someday Everyone take note of this author He s going places Couldn t find him on Twitter, though Wanted to tell him how great I thought page 23 was.

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    I ve FINALLY read a Harry Potter book Watch my review here

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    I will never ever rate this lower than 5 stars BEAUTIFUL.

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    Why the heck did I not read Harry Potter before nowits flipping magical literally

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