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[Reading] ➵ 伯爵カインシリーズ: 赤い羊の刻印 1 ➼ Kaori Yuki –

伯爵カインシリーズ: 赤い羊の刻印 1Born Under An Evil Moon Harboring Dark Secrets, Earl Cain C Hargreves, The Youthful Heir Of The Aristocratic Hargreves Family, Is A Man On A Quest To Find The Truth About His Family S Past Written In Dark, Harrowing Episodes, The CAIN Saga Chronicles How Cain Solves The Strange Crimes That Seem To Plague His Cursed Existence, Yet Somehow Bring Him Closer To Deciphering The Puzzling Circumstances Surrounding His Father S Tragic Death.Five Gripping Stories Of Love, Friendship And Betrayal Forgotten Juliet, Branded Bibi, The Youths Who Stopped Time, Double, And The Death Of Cleo Comprise This Poignant First Installment Of Kaori Yuki S Hit Gothic Manga Series Gothic Fans Will Be Left In Awe Long After This Series Has Ended

[Reading] ➵ 伯爵カインシリーズ: 赤い羊の刻印 1 ➼ Kaori Yuki –
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • 伯爵カインシリーズ: 赤い羊の刻印 1
  • Kaori Yuki
  • English
  • 26 November 2017
  • 9781421504759

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➵ 伯爵カインシリーズ: 赤い羊の刻印 1 ➼ Kaori Yuki –

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    Set against the background of late Victorian London still gripped by the memory of the Jack the Ripper murders, young Earl Cain Hargreaves is blackmailed into marriage by his Uncle Neil in order to protect the family reputation Neil only agrees to the adoption of Cain s illegitimate half sister Mary on the condition that he agrees to become engaged to Emmeline Lauderdale the daughter of a similarly wealthy family On a visit to the Lauderdale family estate it soon becomes clear that Emmeline is as unhappy about this union as Cain is He tells her that after they are married he will continue to take lovers and she replies that so will she Cain also discovers that her brother Gilford, whom he remembers fondly from childhood, has regressed into childhood and been locked away in the house, believed by his family to be a lunatic At a party with Emmeline, Cain has his palm read by a mysterious psychic named Meridiana who tells him his future is shrouded in darkness When he appears besotted with her Emmeline flies into a jealous rage and leaves with two other men, one of whom is Oscar, his...

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    Finally Jack the Ripper 3 Now I have everything I ever dreamed of I m so excited for part 2 to find out who is the killer and what Deliliah has to do with everything I mean I said that Emelyne went on my nerves but she didn t have to dieI...

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    Dieses mal hat Cain eine Verlobte bekommen, und nat rlich haben wir ein Mysterium, welches er zu l sen hat Ein M dchen, welches eigentlich tot sein m sste, Frauen und M nner verschwinden, Jack the ripper taucht auf, ein Mann dessen Verstand der eines Kleinki...

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    I m looking forward to the conclusion of this story in the next volume.

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    I think The Cain Saga, and its sequel Godchild, have the most messed up and tragic characters I ve seen so far It s dark, it s gloomy Don t expect happy endings in these two mangas, dead bodies keep pilling up All the characters are so complex.The Cain Saga art is not as good as Godchild, one can guess the artist art was not mature yet unlike when she made Godchild much later Still it s a must to read to fully understand what happens in Godchild There are a lot of good contents to find there too like about how Oscar and Cain met In the other hand, Godchild s art is so beautiful it s mesmerizing The characters are so beautifully drawn and each have their unique look.The hero Cain gets involved in different events so the mangas are a bit like short stories put together, all of them involving some supernatural of some sort He has on his side the ever faithful Riff, his butler and friend But in the background lies his father s shadow and his secret organization, who become Cain s ennemy throughout the series Among the ennemies is the fascinating half brother of Cain, Jizabel, who is also part of said organisation Jizabel is helped by Cassian....

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    Finally got around to picking up the last two volumes of this In many ways, I wish I d read this series before Godchild which follows this series in Earl Cain s life though I m not sure which was written or released in English first There are a lot of references to the material that happened in these last two volumes that correlates to the action in Godchild emotionally which can charge certain lines and scenes that only go by in passing if you re not aware of previous material I do love how Kaori Yuki will play with historical events in this case Jack the Ripper and weave alternative paths for them into her stories She really amps up the violence in this one, though I don t care for her abrupt, 1 2 panel murder style, it s a very WTF just happened kinda thing but she s a romance bish nen style illustrator That s why I find her wor...

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    This series of stories introduces the young earl Cain C Hargreaves, an eccentric loner millionaire who likes to solve mysteries and collect exotic poisons This is the fourth volume part 1 of the Cain Saga stories, which has 5 volumes and then continues in the Godchild manga series.This is Kaori Yuki s longest story in the Saga yet, and it is the best so far She has been lengthening the story length with each subsequent volume in this series and that has worked to her advantage, because these stories are definitely benefitting from the additional depth and attention she is giving to them Characters feelings and motivations are coming to the fore, and the mysteries are now beginning to feel like real mysteries to be solved, instead of just tasteful tidbits of a mysterious event served in bite sized portions and resolved before they could ever evolve.This is a two part volume, and introduces Gilbert, a friend from Cain s childhood who has gone insane, and we don t know why ...

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    OH MY GOD That clown puppet was one of the creepiest things I ve ever seen No lie, it was like a scene out of a horror movie If I was walking down a dark hallway and that thing was shoved under a door and started talking to me in a little kid voice, I would have peed my pants I couldn t believe that Merry befriended this guy because there s no way in hell I would have stuck around Like, on the surface, it doesn t seem like a big deal, but even the second time it happened, it still freaked me out.Clown rant aside, I did like this volume It s strange seeing all these characters when I already know their fates and how they end up As new characters popped up, I started ...

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    I liked this volume MUCH better than its previous ones Perhaps it was the introduction and development of strong characters Emeline, Meridiana, Gilbert, etc They were likable and static I also love the lore of Jack the Ripper it s scary, gory, and interesting Again, the manga s success lies in a single story instead of several small ones, giving it enough time to fully develop I can t wait to see how the Cain Saga concludes In this volume, I have begun to see a change in Yuki s art It s gotten much better, though there are still many scenes where it looks like her old style It s amazing how Godchild 1 and the Cain Saga 1 are so different in art style, which is a big deal for me with how I end up liking the manga most ...

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    Continuing in a similar structure to the previous volume, this one focuses on a long story long enough to span two volumes However, I really appreciate the amount of character depth the volume provides we learn so much about Riff, Cain s uncle, Mary, Oscar, and even Emeline, whom I adore I m interested in the Jack the Ripper story, but it s...

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