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!!> Reading ➽ Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles ➶ Author Katherine Pancol –

Les yeux jaunes des crocodilesS LD I MER N 1,5 MILJONER EXEMPLAR BARA I FRANKRIKE Den H R Romanen Ger Rum I Paris.Och Likafullt St Ter Man Ihop Med Krokodiler.Den H R Romanen Handlar Om M Nniskor.Och Kvinnor De Som Vi R, De Som Vi Nskar Vara, De Som Vi Aldrig Kommer Att Bli, De Som Vi Kanske En G Ng Kan Bli.Den H R Romanen R Historien Om En L Gn Men Ocks En Historia Om K Rlek, V Nskap, Svek, Pengar, Dr Mmar.Den H R Romanen R Full Av Skratt Och Gr T.Den H R Romanen Handlar Om Livet, R Tt Och Sl TtMissa Inte Denna Sp Nnande Ventyrsroman Den Fastnar Inte Bara P N Thinnan Utan Jag Forts Tter G Hand I Hand Med Dessa Karakt Rer Som Nu Blivit Mina K Ra V Nner MARIA SID N, PROFIL UNDER LITTERATURMAGAZINET Sluka Denna Saga Den Har Allt MARIE CLAIRE, FRANKRIKE

!!> Reading ➽ Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles ➶ Author Katherine Pancol –
  • Hardcover
  • 606 pages
  • Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles
  • Katherine Pancol
  • Swedish
  • 10 December 2017
  • 9789170282447

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➽ Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles ➶ Author Katherine Pancol –

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    Francuski bestseler, enski roman s dobrom pri om i prvi deo trilogije U svetu su prodati milioni primeraka njenih knjiga a po ovom romanu se upravo snima film Autorka je prava francuska dama, imala sam priliku da je upoznam pre nekoliko godina

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    A beach read for dummies Moderately entertaining than reading the contents list on the back of a shampoo bottle.

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    I picked this book up with doubts My friends in France allsmiled with the look of ugh , popular, but such a bad book..sadly, for them, I liked it a lot I got pulled into the story.and found myself reading 100 pages per day Addictive like dark chocolate covered almonds The story A womanwho is not so self confident separates from her husband She puts up with awful family members including her daughter and finds her life and her footing All while writing a book about a XXII woman Maybe cheesy in po...

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    The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles is the first novel in the Jos phine series by French author, Katherine Pancol When she discovers her unemployed husband Antoine call me Tonio is having an affair with his manicurist, Jos phine Cort s kicks him out of their Paris apartment and resolves to somehow manage, with two daughters, on her own Her meagre salary at the CNRS as a 12th Century historian will need to be supplemented luckily, her brother in law, Philippe Dupin offers her some translation work When Antoine and his mistress, Myl ne desert Paris to run a crocodile farm in Kenya, Jos phine knows her daughters survival is dependent on her 10 year old Zo can still be reassured, but 14 year old Hortense is becoming a wilful handful And the bank manager has a nasty surprise for Jos phine Desperation and a sense of filial loyalty see her agreeing to a dubious deal with her glamorous and manipulative sister, Iris Jo will write a novel set in 12th Century France Iris will relish doing the publicity and taking the credit she ll funnel the fees to Jo Pancol s plot is wholly credible it has a few twists and turns to keep things interesting as some two years of Jos phine s life are detailed against a backdrop of other family and neighbourhood dramas an eviction, a secret Royal baby, a long standing unrequited love, a black sheep twin, repressed memories, internet dating, lovers, plenty of gossip, mistresses, revealing YouTube clips, fake designer...

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    No puedo decir que el libro me haya gustado, por momentos incluso pens en dejarlo de lado.Empieza lento, muy lento, situando a los personajes en su lugar, relacionando a unos con otros, pero de una forma tan aburrida que no puedes evitar preguntarte pero de verdad me interesa todo esto Hay un grupo de personajes ego stas, malvados, interesados, que rodean a una protagonista buena, buen sima pero d bil hasta la exasperaci n Unos caracteres tan planos e irreales que resulta imposible ninguna identificaci n ni con los secundarios ni con la protagonista Nadie es tan malo, nadie es tan bueno, nadie es tan tonto.Si superas el tedio del principio, llega un punto en el que sigues leyendo porque te preguntas c mo acabar todo Si algunos recibir n su merecido, si otros encontrar n la felicidad, pero el final decepciona No e...

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    Non merci J ai cru que je n allais pas me rendre la page 50 C est bourr de clich s qui v hiculent une image de la femme compl tement d bile Et c est tellement mal crit qu on n arrive pas voir les v ritables th mes que l auteur tente maladroiteme...

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    I was listening to Fresh Air on NPR recently, as I often do in the morning, when one of their regular book reviewers started talking about this book She went on about how it had been a best seller in France and had been translated into several different languages and had finally made it into English, translated by William Rodarmor and Helen Dickinson She raved so about the book that I decided to put it on my TBR list, even though I knew nothing about the author Indeed, I had never heard of Katherine Pancol Now that I ve read her book, I won t be forgetting that name.The plot of the novel might read like a typical chic lit or women s novel formula We have the drab 40 something housewife who is deserted by her dolt of a husband, who runs off with his mistress to Kenya where he plans to become rich raising crocodiles, but not before emptying their joint bank account and taking out a loan for which the wife has naively co signed The naive wife is left to raise two daughters on her own The older daughter is a thorough going teenage brat who delights in tormenting her mother The younger daughter is a sweet and sensitive child In order to take care of the family, the drab housewife has to pinch pennies and take odd jobs Nothing really new about that she had been doing it for at ...

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    As usual, I received this book through the kindness of some giveaway or other In this case it appears to have been an actual GoodReads giveaway That certainly doesn t happen much any So to begin, I realize that this book is probably in a genre generally considered appropriate to the female gender and because of that, as a dude I m a bit of an interloper Despite that slight misalignment, I found this book pretty delightful It s complexity of character made me realize just how bad I am at keeping names straight After 40 pages I came up short and found I had no clue who all these people were so I went back through those pages and made a nice tidy relationship diagram of who slept with whom and who was previously dating whom and which characters were, in fact, screwing like rabbits in the back storeroom Of all these there are many examples.On the positive side, after sorting out all the whos in diagrammatic format, this story had quite a bit to say The intrigues were entertaining as well as demonstrating a clear and refreshing evolution of character and story I found myself very invested in the characters and fervently rooting for some justice at the end and for things to turn out just so I took a couple days getting started but by half ...

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    I bought this book because it was an international best seller and so I figured that it had to be a good read The back blurb made it sound like a comedic adventure but I have to confess that I didn t like it The story didn t live up to the book description s promises I found the main character, Josephine, to be whiney and too much of a martyr Her husband runs off with his sexy mistress, leaving Josephine to look after their two daughters On top of this he takes out a loan for 200,000 Euros, defaults on the loan and Josephine simply starts paying the loan repayments because the loan is in both their names She claims he tricked her but the reality is she didn t even bother to read the papers that she was signing She doesn t get angry or confront her scheming husband, make a fuss, or tell anyone Instead she suffers in silence, which I thought made her a pathetic character, and didn t do much for the portrayal of modern day French women Josephine s neighbour, Shirley, is a woman in hiding with a secretive past, and later it s revealed that she s actually...

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    maddai Mick Jagger, la regina Elisabetta, William e Harry il papa, no Fossi in lui mi offenderei

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