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!!> PDF / Epub ☆ Sluggy Slug ✪ Author Chris Raschka –

Sluggy Slug Two New Series Of Small Picture Books Introduce Concepts And Sports, Respectively The Paper Over Board, Hand Size Thingy Things Series By Chris Raschka Uses Alliteration And Word Repetition To Build Reading Skills His Swift Brushstrokes And Calligraphic Lines Match The Text S Minimalism The Main Character Of Moosey Moose Is Mad Because He Wants His Long Pants That Of Wormy Worm Gleefully Wiggles Whaley Whale Describes A Game Of Hide And Seek And The Hero Of Sluggy Slug Is Downright Sluggish He Simply Won T Go.

!!> PDF / Epub ☆ Sluggy Slug  ✪ Author Chris Raschka –
  • Hardcover
  • 24 pages
  • Sluggy Slug
  • Chris Raschka
  • English
  • 17 December 2018
  • 0786805846

    10 thoughts on “!!> PDF / Epub ☆ Sluggy Slug ✪ Author Chris Raschka –

  1. says:

    sarah montambo loves chris raschka sluggy slug will not go because he is sluggy that s what the library of congress has to say about sluggy slug which is true, but pretty unmagical this particular installment of the thingy things series marks a real departure for chris raschka instead of ending the book with moosey moose , or goosey goose , there is A WHOLE OTHER PAGE which just blew my mind because i thou...

  2. says:

    You think you can make Sluggy Slug go Good luck, dumdum I ll just be continuing to live my life while you waste yours He s not going to budge until he s good and ready Oh, you ve got candy in your bag I m not impressed and neither is Sluggy Slug.

  3. says:

    Defeniatly no moral, no lesson, etc These books snaily snail, lamby lamb, whaley whale, wormy worm, etc embody the absurdity of humor Personaly I m scared to death of slugs but even I like this book wherein the slug JUST WONT GO

  4. says:

    Sluggy Slug is such awellslug

  5. says:

    Sluggy slug will not go For slug aficionados, I would definitely consider this book a must read It s a quick read at about 20 words total and won t leave you disappointed The art is expressive and this slug will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling, the kind of feeling that comes from having a good friend that would never even consider dumping salt all over you Note this is for mature readers, you should probably be at least two years old before you attempt to delve into this kind of mat Sluggy slug will not go For slug aficionados, I would definitely consider this book a must read It s a quick read at about 20 words total and won t leave you di...

  6. says:

    I couldn t resist checking this one out from the library when I saw the title Sluggy Slug Our beloved basset hound is named Doug, but we call him Slug all the time Actually, this book reminded me of him because, just like Sluggy Slug, or Slug simply won t go These books are best suited to early readers and I plan to keep them in mind for way...

  7. says:

    Thingy Things series by Chris Raschka uses alliteration and word repetition to build reading skills his swift brushstrokes and calligraphic lines match the text s minimalism The main character of Sluggy Slug is downright sluggish he simply won t go.www.hcpl.netNote Book is small in size.

  8. says:

    Sluggy Slug won t go No, Sluggy Slug will not go Sluggy Slug Says no No Sluggy Slug just won t go Will he go now No Sluggy Slug won t go Sluggy Slug NO Sluggy Slug simply won t go.

  9. says:

    Sluggy Slug will not go, not even for a tasty treat So cute, very simple fun illustration paired with simple text , great for sharing with the toddler crowd Love this series of books, they crack me up

  10. says:

    very anti climactic, and I suppose rather sluggish Not what I expected.

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