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❆ Aces, Warriors and Wingmen kindle Epub ❤ Author Wayne Ralph –

Aces, Warriors and Wingmen A Celebration And A Tribute To The Warriors Of The Air Who As Young Men Served Their Country With Unselfish Devotion Hear Their Words Join These Young Canadians In Combat.AN EXCERPT FROM THE ACCOUNT OF GROUP CAPTAIN RAYNE SCHULTZ, 410 SQUADRON.It Was Heading Home Very Fast, A Junkers 188, In Thin Cloud, Well Out Over The North Sea We Hit It Badly, And It Was Flaming, Two Three Hundred Yards Of Flames Streaming Behind My Navigator, Being A Serious Minded Individual Said, Let S Get In Closer And Take A Good Look At It, As It Is A Different Type Of Aircraft And I Can Report On It When We Get Down So I Closed In, Which Was The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did.The Mid Upper Gunner Was Not Dead He Was Sitting Inside Of The Flames The Next Thing I Saw The Gun Traversing Down Toward Us I Broke As Fast As I Could, But He Put Forty To Forty Four 13mm Cannon Shells Into Us I Had Pistons Blown Out Of One Engine And The Constant Speed Unit Blown Out In The Other We Were Going To Bail Out We Jettisoned The Door And The Navigator Was Halfway Out When The Chap Came Back From The Ground Control Intercept GCI And Said, There Is A Force 9 To 10 Sea And We Will Never Be Able To Rescue You So We Brought That Aircraft Back To Bradwell Bay And I Can Tell You It Near Flew Again My Navigator Was Wounded, Bleeding From The Face I Could See The Engines Running Red Hot, One Was Actually Running On Molten Metal The Whole Thing Glowing Inside The Air Bottles Were Shot Away And I Had No Brakes For Landing The Mosquito Was In Ribbons.

❆ Aces, Warriors and Wingmen  kindle Epub ❤ Author Wayne Ralph –
  • ebook
  • 288 pages
  • Aces, Warriors and Wingmen
  • Wayne Ralph
  • 19 March 2017
  • 9780470158142

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