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Catching FireSuzanne Collins Continues The Amazing Story Of Katniss Everdeen In The Phenomenal Hunger Games Trilogy.Against All Odds, Katniss Everdeen Has Won The Annual Hunger Games With Fellow District Tribute Peeta Mellark But It Was A Victory Won By Defiance Of The Capitol And Their Harsh Rules Katniss And Peeta Should Be Happy After All, They Have Just Won For Themselves And Their Families A Life Of Safety And Plenty But There Are Rumors Of Rebellion Among The Subjects, And Katniss And Peeta, To Their Horror, Are The Faces Of That Rebellion The Capitol Is Angry The Capitol Wants Revenge.

!!> Download ➹ Catching Fire ➾ Author Suzanne Collins –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Catching Fire
  • Suzanne Collins
  • English
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9780545586177

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    This is most possibly the WORST or best depending what you go on cliffhanger I have encountered in all my reading days It leaves you than just hanging, you are grasping for your life on a thread that is fraying and there is nothing to do but hold on well metaphorically of course One word that can sum up this book is intense Everything is just felt The compassion, threats, action, betrayal, gestures, words all of it This has to be the reason why it is so addictive As expected from this series we are in for a ride Some things are hinted out, but the full affect of what is going on isn t totally revealed till the very end Though I felt frustrated at times this is a grand slam of a sequel You know it s hard to hate Katniss for being the object of the whole love triangle I usually get annoyed to no end and can t help wonder what people see in the person, but Katniss is different Though you don t think that Katniss is particularly special than others, but that is part of what you admire about her Plus she is critical of herself so you don t necessarily get a good feel of what people think about her other than what is said with dialogue I totally love this because frankly that is what it s like in real life It s others that can show you who you really are when you aren t able to do it yourself Peeta and Gale are both incredible guys and what makes th...

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    I went to see Inglourious Basterds a couple of times this past month, and there is that scene where Eli Roth and Omar Doom are in the theater, and they dress themselves up to look like waiters and then whip around the corner and kill the two Nazi guards to some funny Ennio Morriconi ish , spaghetti western sounding music And everybody in the theater laughs, and then the film cuts to Hitler laughing, watching a movie of a Nazi soldier killing Americans It s one of those great story telling moments where I m nice and comfortable and morally superior, until I realize that actually I m exactly the same as someone I think is Evil There was a moment when I first saw Merchant of Venice that was like that, and I was depressed for a month after I read Notes from the Underground because of the same type of experience I don t know where you get that brand of story telling ability, but Suzanne Collins has it coming out of her ears, in the sort of young adult variety Catching Fire was maybe not as striking as the first book in this series, The Hunger Games, in making me disturbed about myself, but it definitely had its moments Also, I was in my second week of law school and had just gotten back from an exhausting wedding when I read it, so I might not have had...

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    Binge reading Me Nah_Ok, so to refresh the memory of recent events, I watched the final Hunger Games Saturday without a clue who the fuck any of those people are I read Hunger Games 1 yesterday, and loved it Now onto book 2.Loved it too, is it any surprise It s awesome I actually know and people from the movie now So now that I ve expressed my love for the book, allow me to rant I HATE THE CASTING Not all of it, of course, but Peeta, in particular I m sure Hutcherson is a fine actor He s decent looking, that s not the point The point is he s not right for Peeta.I loved Peeta in the first book, my love for him continued in the second He s just so good So pure, so nice Self sacrificial and genuinely well meaning without being a martyr, and the on screen portrayal of him ISN T HOW I PICTURED HIM AT ALL ARRRRRRGGGGGGGG endrantLet s talk about the love triangle If you guys know me, you will know that I absolutely can t stand love triangles 99.9% of the time, they re useless They add nothing to the plot, and they re only a device used to portrayl how ULTRA FUCKING SPESHUL AND BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND DESIRABLE THE MARY SUE MC IS.There s a love triangle in...

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    A 82% Very Good Notes It s about futility, and dealing with the unintentional effects of compliance, pretense, decency, altruism, and kissing.

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    I think I wouldn t be feeling quite so disappointed by this book if The Hunger Games hadn t been quite so close to perfect But there it is Must be hard to compete with yourself when you set the bar so high Where The Hunger Games is a tightly plotted, fast paced dystopian thriller heaped with romance and horror, this book is well, a lot of the same A WHOLE lot of the same plot Redundantly similar at points, only slower moving and far less polished Too much of the story is told rather than shown whole months can go by in just a few pages and yet the real action gets rolling about two thirds of the way through the book There were times when the story actually seemed to PLOD That said, this is an ARC and things could change Here s hoping this one sees some revision before its publication this fall Collins is obviousl...

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    Sparks fly in the second volume of Suzanne Collins blockbuster Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire Victory in the 74th games has not been all that sweet for surprise double victors Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark And it is extremely sour for the reigning government Katniss had shown them up big time when she publicly defied the gamemasters to keep from having to kill Peeta, an act of sedition as much as it was an act of courage and honor President Snow burns with rage at Katniss for showing up the games, the Capitol, and him personally He recognizes that it is necessary to give the subjects of his government some hope, but Katniss and Peeta have provided a spark to the tinder of popular resentment, and Snow needs to forestall a conflagration.The author Katniss is not in a good place back in District 12 after the games Yeah, she has a nifty new house in the victor village, and her family is well taken care of, but she is experiencing a fair bit of PTSD Collins describes Kat the victor She has nightmares She has flashbacks And in the beginning you can see she s practicing avoidance She s completely pushed Peeta to arm s length, you know She s trying to stay away from him Why Because everything associated with him except some very ...

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    Warning SPOILERS AHEADWell, kind of No plot spoilers, just image spoilers.Don t read on if you do not want to see images of the actors cast in the upcoming Hunger Games movies.I am officially designating this review as my update central for casting on the Hunger Games As new characters are cast, I will post the actor s pictures here along with the images I find that imitate how they might look as the character they will be playing.LATEST UPDATES ON CASTINGWOWZA The best photoshopped pic I have seen of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss So we officially have our Peeta Okay, I just want to say that, while Josh is not what I had pictured, I trust those in charge And Suzanne Collins gave her approval, so that in itself speaks volumes Bottom line is Josh is workable As long as they work with him to LOOK the part, and give him the eyes and most importantly the hair, I think he could be good.And our Gale A little too pretty for my ...

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    I can t review this without being spoilery, so1 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH2 The one thing I didn t like about this book is the part where Katniss finds out she has to go back to the Hunger Games I think there should have been of a pause there for disbelief, for Katniss maybe trying to think of ways out of it, ways to kill herself even The book started moving at a really fast pace after that point, with Katniss and Peeta preparing for the next Games, and I was like wait, what hang on a minute It was hard for me to believe that Katniss would willingly go back to the arena, at least not without major depression One night of drinking didn t seem to cover it.3 Everything else awesome The mockingjay imagery The clock arena The rebellion President Snow being creepy as fuck HIS BREATH SMELLS LIKE BLOOOOOOD 4 As soon as Wiress and Beetee started talking about the chink in the force field s armor, I knew the answer to the Games was BRING DOWN THE FORCE FIELD I was yelling and yelling at them to do it, and then finally they did, and I was like YES 5 I find the love triangle a little annoying but mostly interesting Katniss doesn t really know how she feels about either of them, because she doesn t have the freedom to feel on her own terms I like that she has some makeout time on the beach with Peeta, though.6 This series is reminding me and of Scott Westerfeld s Uglies series The evil op...

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    Oh, snap She DID NOT just do that This is not a cliffhanger people, this is inhumane Like hanging on for dear life by a spider web thin thread totally butt naked you know that makes it worse It s so worth it though Quick overview Catching Fire starts up not far from where The Hunger Games ended Katniss is living in the Victors Village with her family You d think she could finally be able to relax and live the cushy life Well that wouldn t make a good book There are rumors of rebellion and since Katniss and Peeta won the Hunger Games in defiance they have become the faces of that rebellion The Capitol, particularly President Snow, is not happy with them Now Katniss has to worry about looking as in love with Peeta as possible to quiet down the rebellion, but is that what she really wants It s really hard to summarize a book when you re afraid that everything you say will give away the twist If you have not read the book DON T read a whole bunch of reviews or comments You ll figure stuff out Figuring out what s going on and the twists is part of what makes this so good You think you ve got everything and everyone pegged only to find out that you only got half if any of it right I wasn t sure what the second book was going to be about but now looking back I think Of course How else would it have worked The book starts off a little slow, but it s important for what Collins is trying to set up I l...

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    I have to say this book is much than a step up from the first book I thought the first book was ok at best but this book it better on an epic scale If you are reading this I am assuming you have read the first book.Katniss Peeta Controversially win the 74th Hunger games Controversially because there is only supposed to be one winner of the games, but these two choose to kill themselves rather than kill each other This act of defiance is the spark for a revolution The evil President Snow Leader of the Capital , tells Katness to either smother out this spark before it ignites, or people close to her will be killed.The revolution starts small and cases small disruptions in the capital, and ends up with the Peacekeepers Capital police force , becoming brutal in all districts including District 12 This time the Hunger Games is the Quarter Quell celebrating 25 years of the game , which allow special stipulations in the games ...

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