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!!> Epub ➤ Homefront (Phil Broker, #6) ➣ Author Chuck Logan –

Homefront (Phil Broker, #6) The Daughter Of Ex Cop Phil Broker Andex Army Major Anti Terrorist Operative Nina Pryce, Kit Brokeris No Ordinary Eight Year Old She Has Seen And Survived Than Most Grown Ups And Now She Has Inadvertently Invited A Nightmare Into The Lives Of Those She Loves.Phil Broker And His Family Moved To Tiny Glacier Falls, Minnesota, To Heal From The Psychological Wounds They Received While Helping To Avert An Inhuman Act Of Terror But Young Kit Chose The Wrong Adversary When She Triumphed Over Local Schoolyard Bully Teddy Klumpe For The Boy S Disreputable Clan Does Unholy Business From The Darkest Shadows Of Their Small Town And They Do Not Forgive What Begins As A Minor Feud Between Neighbors Quickly Escalates Into A Major Offensive Of Intimidation, Destruction, Fear And Death And The Worst Is Yet To Come Because Terror Has Come Home.

!!> Epub ➤ Homefront (Phil Broker, #6)  ➣ Author Chuck Logan –
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Homefront (Phil Broker, #6)
  • Chuck Logan
  • English
  • 14 December 2017
  • 0060570210

    10 thoughts on “!!> Epub ➤ Homefront (Phil Broker, #6) ➣ Author Chuck Logan –

  1. says:

    No soy muy partidaria de leer libros despu s de ver la pel cula pero sta me llam mucho la atenci n as que lo le de igual manera.Home front es de escritura f cil, te inserta fuertemente en la historia y te hace part cipe de todos los acontecimientos Buenos personajes y las p ginas justas, agregarle una m s hubiese sido para aburrir, as est bien.Lo nico por lo qu...

  2. says:

    I kept waiting for it to get interesting It should be about 150 pages shorter It s nothing special but was at least, an entertaining idea.

  3. says:

    Read the book was excited to hear they made a movie about it Well written, kept me on the edge of my seat If anyone reads the book they must see the movie

  4. says:

    I did not realize Homefront by Chuck Logan was what they based the movie Homefront staring Jason Statham and James Franco I remember really enjoying the movie I generally don t read a book After seeing a movie I prefer to read a book prior to the film But my deal was to read all the Phil Broker books So I decided I would still read the novel And man, am I glad that I did.Nina Pryce is a mess PTSD, Her sh...

  5. says:

    Well done It s such a shame that Chuck Logan didn t also write the screenplay, because Stalone cut out the main character and made it into another Rambo movie The movie was still okay, but the book is so much better One negative for me were multiple editing misses and or typos very sloppy.

  6. says:

    Interesting read in that something like this could actually happen with people wanting to get back at others.

  7. says:

    Full disclosure I ordered this 2005 Chuck Logan release from our local library for a couple of reasons First, I was curious to know if the Sylvester Stallone movie by the same title as released in November 2013 duplicated the novel It turns out there are apparently some major discrepancies The film version has the lead character, Phil Broker as a widower His spouse, Nina Pryce, doesn t appear in the cast Their daughter Kit is called Mandy in the film The screenplay version is s...

  8. says:

    I saw Homefront by Chuck Logan at the used book store The repackaging of the cover with the picture of Jason Statham worked, as it is what caught my eye I enjoyed the movie, so I decided to check out the book that Sylvester Stallone turned into a screenplay.First of all, the book and movie are quite a bit different While many of the characters are the same, and there are similarities with the story, there are also some very big differences The biggest being that Phil Broker s wife is not d I saw Homefront by Chuck Logan at the used book store The repackaging of the cover...

  9. says:

    Just let the kids handle itI go this book because I had watch the movie adaptation and wanted to compare the two As is usually the case the book was different from the movie, but in a good way Both movie and book show what happens when parents get involved in their children s problems What starts as a fight between two children ends up turning into a wholly different thing I don t want to give to much of the story away, but when the big kids get involved things get taken to a whole new level Just let the kids handle itI go this book because I had watch the movie adaptation and wanted to compare the two As is usually the case the book was different from the movi...

  10. says:

    Great, complex characters, especially Nina, who suffers from a bout of severe depression throughout most of the book This author is clearly familiar with the condition as his description of symptoms is right on target Her husband, Phil, is flawed but still likable The most interesting aspect of their relationship is that, although he is a tough ex cop who has no trouble handling himself in a fight, his wife is the real dangerous one in the family and a hero ine in her ...

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