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!!> PDF ⚣ Love, Fiercely ✈ Author Jean Zimmerman –

Love, Fiercely The New York Love Story Of A Beautiful Heiress And A Wealthy Young Architect, Captured In A Famous John Singer Sargent PaintingIn Love, Fiercely Jean Zimmerman Re Creates The Glittering World Of Edith Minturn And Isaac Newton Phelps Stokes Contemporaries Of The Astors And Vanderbilts, They Grew Up Together Along The Shores Of Bucolic Staten Island, Linked By Privilege Her Grandparents Built The World S Fastest Clipper Ship, His Family Owned Most Of Murray Hill Theirs Was A World Filled With Mansions, Balls, Summer Homes, And Extended European Vacations.Newton Became A Passionate Preserver Of New York History And Published The Finest Collection Of Manhattan Maps And Views In A Six Volume Series Edith Became The Face Of The Age When Daniel Chester French Sculpted Her For Chicago S Columbian Exposition, A Colossus Intended To Match The Statue Of Liberty S Grandeur Together Edith And Newton Battled On Behalf Of New York S Poor And Powerless As Reformers Who Never Themselves Wanted For Anything Through It All, They Sustained A Strong Rooted Marriage.From The Splendid Cottages Of The Berkshires To The Salons Of 1890s Paris, Love, Fiercely Is The Real Story Of A World Long Relegated To Fiction.

!!> PDF ⚣ Love, Fiercely  ✈ Author Jean Zimmerman –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Love, Fiercely
  • Jean Zimmerman
  • English
  • 16 August 2018
  • 9780151014477

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    Love, Fiercely began with the painting that appears on the cover Zimmerman started out researching I N Phelps Stokes because of her interest in his ponderous history of New York City he wrote When she viewed John Singer Sargent s painting of the two, though, she became captivated by his wife, Edie nicknamed Fiercely Thus, her studies shifted, encapsulating their romance along with the gilded age of New York.I do not often venture into nonfiction, despite the fact that I was a history major in school While history itself is often fascinating than not, historians are not necessarily good writers Many nonfiction titles read like a catalog of facts, putting the reader to sleep immediately Zimmerman, on the other hand, has a fanciful, very fiction oriented style Even those who ordinarily avoid nonfiction will probably enjoy Love, FiercelyWomen end up wearing a lot of stupid things for fashion in the gilded age Zimmerman outlines many that the Minturn girls suffered through, like corsets, absur...

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    I was excited to read Love, Fiercely A Gilded Age Romance by Jean Zimmerman for several reasons First, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton is one of my favorite books I was entertained by the novel The American Heiress, to which Love, Fiercely is compared I ve long been simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by the excess of this era at the end of the nineteenth century I enjoy narrative histories and biographies, so needless to say I looked forward to reading this book.Love, Fiercely is the history of Newton Stokes and Edith Minturn, both born into extreme wealth in New York City Eventually they would marry, travel the world, influence art and society, and play their hand at philanthropy.Full of information and details about everything in the era, Love, Fiercely excels as a history of the excess of the very wealthy and privileged class Each home and summer cottage is described in detail, including the Tudor manor house built in 1597 in England that the Stokes had dismantled, shipped across the ocean and rebuilt in Connecticut The author gives full histories of the art of the time period and especially the portraits of Edith and the famous statue for which she posed Their service to society and Newton s career are discussed at great length.What Love, Fiercely is lacking is the feeling of passion between Edith and Newton Desc...

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    This double biography is as much an exquisite narrative of American life on the mid Atlantic coast from the Gilded Age through World War I and the Great Depression as it is the story of Edith Minturn and Newton Stokes Edith and her husband Newton grew up in the greater New York City area when Staten Island was a bucolic retreat from Manhattan, accessible only by ferry Though both came from business developing, world traveling families with enough money to be included in Mrs Astor s Four Hundred , their families also attempted to balance the inequitable world of the late 1800 s early 1900 s through a variety of progressive causes, and Edith and Newton continued and expanded that tradition Edith was instrumental in popularizing kindergarten as a way improving the lives of children living in poverty Newton, who subverted convention by becoming an architect instead of joining the family business, designed inexpensive but sunny, healthful apartments at a time when New York tenements were dark, cramped airless tombs, with one filthy outdoor bathroom serving for an entire building Edith was nicknamed Fiercely by her brother because she lived life so intensely As a young woman Edith posed with upraised, semi scandalous bare arms as the model for...

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    A Gilded Age Romance An in love wealthy couple who ride the economic surge, only to crash at the end of their lives This book has the potential to be a real page turner Unfortunately, because the subjects of this biography were so conditioned and genteel, it doesn t look like they left an epistolary legacy that describes events in their own words Granted, this book is not overly long, and has plenty of pictures Perhaps the research was not aiming to be bogged down with words.Mr Isaac Newton Phelps Stokes, and Mrs Edith Minturn Stokes were among the biggest influencers of New York City, at the time Edith, as a debutante, posed as the face and body for a huge statue The Republic at the World s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893.During their honeymoon 2 years later, she posed TWICE for the great artist John Singer Sargent First portrait was scrapped Second portrait was inspired by Sargent seeing Edith rush into the studio, running late, perspiring and wearing street clothes instead of formal wear Sargent decided to add Edith s husband behind her because he didn t have a Great Dane handy to pose with her In real life the frame is 7 feet tall It resides permanently in the Met These are Life Sized portraits And hilariously, book author Jean Zimmerman describes Edith as looking like she s about to charge afte...

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    Using the striking Sargent double portrait as a point of departure, Zimmerman, an expert in New York City history, examines the marriage of two Gilded Age golden people wealthy from birth, well educated, steeped in the intermarried culture of progressive minded do gooders and related to anyone who was anyone in New England The couple used their advantages positively, she running the New York Kindergarten League and heading many causes for women and children, he by championing housing reform and designing alternatives to the disastrous dumb bell tenements through his architecture firm In later years, he became consumed by collecting, using his connections in society to convince hundreds of wealthy antiquarians to loan him maps and prints for reproduction in his six volume Iconography of New York City, saving material that would shortly be lost in the fire that destroyed the Albany State Archives or sold off into private collections Zimmerman does well in showing a marriage that was cutting edge in its companionate nature and the modern ideas of the spouses ...

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    I think that the subtitle A Gilded Age Romance is misleading This book gives some background on the families of Edith Minturn Newton Stokes before they were married, and a little about their marriage and life together However, the main focus of the book is artwork and a book series The statue modeled after Edith for the Worlds Columbian Exhibition 1891 1893 , the painting of her and her husband as newlyweds by John Singer Sargent, and the 6 volume historical work by Newton written over an 18 year period about New York city Sprinkled among these are other works of art and descriptions of grand houses, with a little bit of actual life thrown in I came away feeling like I didn t know them as people a...

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    I enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of the rich during the Gilded Age The history of early Manhattan and New York was explained, as the whole book was written in a very readable manner The debutantes, the artists, their lifestyles and the making of their fortunes was fascinating The romance between two of the fashionable 400, their marriage and enduring love amid their declining fortunes was admirable The writings of Wharton and Jam...

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    A sweet romance between upper crust New Yorkers, citizens of the world really, who give us a look at how life was during the end of nineteenth and into twentieth century Travelling between Europe and U.S to set up households, building new homes stateside in tony, or soon to become, villages in various NYC locations, as well as Connecticut, and nearly endless indulgent spending on art, clothing, various charities, and hobbies, all give us insight into what life was like for the truly wealthy class during the decades called The Gilded Age Characters, whose faults we can observe as well as values and beliefs we come to admire, were real, so we can see a slice of history to try to understand what their lives were really like in the context of the conditions of that era The research done for this book was massive, and a bibliography accompanies the text, as well as a very thorough index This volume could certainly be enjoyed ...

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    Really enjoyed the 1st two thirds of this book, which documents the couple s childhoods, the golden age, and their relationship marriage Interesting detail about New York City and the nearby vacation spots for the uber rich and elite Truly Gilded and unbelievably wasteful at times.I did not care for the book s overabundance of detail about the contents of Newton s manuscript Perhaps the author intended to mimic the obsession that ruined and bankrupted their lives But scrupulously detailing the features of various 17th century maps of Manhattan was overkill for me I wanted to know about the people The details of Edith s later life are very neglected in comparison to a map owned by the Italian King While their adopted d...

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    Ever wonder about the people you see in these old portraits Fine old NY names in some cases, but not necessarily important enough to get mentioned beyond the social register and society pages This couple, portrayed by John Singer Sargent in a rare double portrait, enjoyed the typical Gilded Age lifestyle of the privileged class Yet their story intrigued the author who started out researching him first because of a book he wrote, The Iconography of Manhattan Island The portrait got her interested in the couple hence, this book They were unusual in that they didn t marry until they were both 28, practically ancient by the standards of the times Even then...

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