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[Reading] ➬ Amelias Story ➳ D.G. Torrens –

Amelias Story This Is A Powerful True Story Of One Young Girls Struggle To Survive The State Care System In The 70 S And 80 S Amelia Has Just One Wish, To Make It To Adulthood, To Hold Her Destiny In Her Own Hands This Harrowing True Story Is One Of Survival And Human Strength Amelia Has Been Tragically Separated From Her Siblings, Unable To See Them Again For Many Years She Is Moved From One Children S Home To Another, Until Finally, It Is Just Too Much For Her To Bear Amelia Starts To Wonder About The Peace And Finality Of Her Own Death.

[Reading] ➬ Amelias Story  ➳ D.G. Torrens –
  • Paperback
  • 154 pages
  • Amelias Story
  • D.G. Torrens
  • English
  • 02 February 2019
  • 9781466369849

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➬ Amelias Story ➳ D.G. Torrens –

  1. says:

    This is quite possibly the most poorly written book I ve ever read, which is saying a lot considering I used to write books when I was 9 that consisted of gems like, My cousins are fun One of them is 3 and one of them is ...

  2. says:

    I feel for the author, I truly do but the book itself was near impossible to understand Sentences seemed to end abruptly, scenes jumped from one paragraph to the next without any transition and there was an exclamation point hidden about every three sentences always with a little nugget of present tense reflection She rarely delved into how she felt about things and it made it hard to see her as a person, the spontaneous jump scenes only added to that feeling of disconnection from the narrator view spoiler Some specifics that irritated me Monday soon came round and I think building myself up for such a terrible time made the day a little easier I managed to get through that Monday Morning just about and the other children had moved from their insults by the afternoon Unfortunately, there was one girl I took an instant dislike to her nam...

  3. says:

    As I ve said before memoirs are hard to rate because you re evaluating someone s presentation of their own life.Let me start by saying that Ms Torrens had an unfortunate childhood I acknowledge what she lived through was both terrible and sad on a multitude of levels The fact that she s determined to break the cycle is admirable and I cheer her for recognizing the need to be mindful Why then did I only give her memoir part one two stars instead of the five so many other reviewers gushingly did A big part is because in spite of her supposed proficiency with language, Ms Torrens writes badly Really badly, like a middle schooler This could be forgiven if she didn t twice point out how high her grades test results were Another part is that her modesty rings false and she doesn t seem to take responsibility for her own actions, negating my desire to cheer her on The fact that this memoir is a two parter doesn t help I won t be reading the next book I ...

  4. says:

    This story truly captured my heart as well as my mind, Amelia takes you on a journey through her childhood and what a shocking one it was Amelia found herself in the care system due to an abusive mother I could relate to the story a lot as my childhood wasn t the best I also had friends at school who were in the same situation and back then the care system was far from a great place to be in I take my hat off to Dawn for going through so much and is still here to tell her story, for a first time author this is a great story and I can completely understand why she had to write it.It was good reading how she did bounce back from the nasty situations that she found herself in.This story is well written and very easy to understand and for anyone who likes a true story then this is one for you, I am now looking forward to reading Amelia s Destiny I do feel Dawn is an author to watch ...

  5. says:

    I do not know how to feel about this book On one hand, the story was interesting Amelia went through a lot of horrible things and I felt bad for her On the other hand, this book needs an editor There are grammatical mistakes The writer will tell you about something that happened and then repeat herself which is very irritating It annoys the reader when writers do that It s so irritating and aggravating and you must not do that when you write.Don t But what really frustrated me was the book ENDING ON A CLIFF HANGER WHY DO THAT All it does is annoy everyone I really wanted some resolution or to know if Amelia at least gets to see her siblings again.At least it s educational about how messed up the system is for abused children Even in England Amelia is separated from her siblings, forced to live in children s homes full of bullies and indifferent adults The system still needs to be better for children Like siblings should never be ...

  6. says:

    This was just ok for me The style was at times difficult to read Not sure if the editing was the problem or that is just the way it was supposed to be I also wished it would have told .This is the story of Amelia and her journey th...

  7. says:

    This book seems in some way like a true story written by the seventeen year old protagonist It is not polished or very well crafted or deep It simply tells a story While it is a tragic story, it not really have much emotional impact on me It did not urge me to action or even to want to read t...

  8. says:

    This book is so poorly written I would not recommend it to anyone.

  9. says:

    One day you will turn around and wonder where your childhood went Some will want to do it all over againwhile others will be glad they lived through the scary part of being a child My own dad was placed into a state care system and eventually separated from his only brother Something he never got over Even as an adult, some of the things that happened to him were still nightmares that he relived, even at his death Sometimes my dad said what Freddie Mercury said in his song, Bohemian Rhapsody Is this the real life Is it just fantasy Caught in a landslide, no esc...

  10. says:

    Usually I don t like sad stories When I read a book I m in search of an escape from everyday life and I don t like enter a world that is worse then the real one However this time I decided to read this book because I know it to be a true story I had the opportunity to meet the author on the internet and other readers recommended Amelia s Story.I was surprised It s an intense reading for people who had similar experience and it s an illuminating reading for people who had a normal childhood English is not my mother language, so I can t disscuss style and language properly But I can tell you how I felt reading this book During the reading I felt anger, frustration, hope, disappointment, fear, weariness, joy, shock and I felt really lucky to have m...

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