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➱ Homecoming (Ghostgirl, #2) Read ➹ Author Tonya Hurley –

Homecoming (Ghostgirl, #2)The To Die For Sequel To Teen Phenomenon Ghostgirl.Charlotte Usher, A.k.a Ghostgirl, Discovers That The Afterlife Isn T Quite What She Expected When She S Forced To Intern At A Hotline For Troubled Teens But Duty Calls When Hawthorne High S Leading Love To Hate Cheerleader And Her Gothic Little Sis Suddenly Find Themselves In Fire Need Charlotte S Opportunity To Help Them May Prove To Be The Risk Of A Lifetime For All Of Them.

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    Two words to describe this book SUPERFICIAL and BORING.Okay, I m not usually a bitch to books I generally favor what I read, regardless if the heroine is stupid or the plot is senseless as long as i get enjoyment from guilty pleasures and books i forced myself to read In other words, I AM mostly nice even if i insult the main characters.Sadly, this book failed to captured my attention AND my respect shakes head now where do i start The amount of FAIL that this book gets from me is IMMENSE Please, read at your own risk because of spoilers and bad language.We start where Charlotte is living in peace, or so we re told, in a call center of the dead weird where she gets to help troubled teens, kinda like their good conscience And Charlotte, being a bitch she was, refused to do work since, hey, these aren t her problems.Meanwhile Scarlet is going by what she always do Except she have a hot boyfriend and a less antagonistic sister, Petunia, who she somehow had an unspoken truce to.I couldn t get through this I m sorry I can t I barely even skimmed it, just to see if something good or exciting will come up But it just keeps going down on my opinion Nothing than a pile of shit put together as an excuse for a book The characters are all archetypal You see, there s Charlotte The unpopular geek who strives to be popular and...

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    Apakah Tuhan menjalankan saluran belanja via telepon Pikir Charlotte Charlotte dan teman temannya telah lulus Kelas Pendidikan Kematian Namun alih alih menuju surga, mereka malah harus menangani hotline bagi remaja bermasalah Sekali lagi Charlotte harus menghadapi kenyataan yang tidak menyenangkan Semua temannya sibuk menerima telepon, hanya dirinya yang tidak menerima telepon Bukan hanya itu, seluruh temannya mendapat hadiah kelulusan berupa pertemuan dengan orang yang dikenal dan dikaguminya, kecuali dirinya Bisa ditebak siapa yang ditemui oleh CoCo Chanel.Tersedak permen kenyal lalu meninggal di dalam kelas telah mengubah segalanya Namun semua yang dialami oleh Charlotte tidaklah terlalu buruk Ia mengalami perkembangan kepribadian, belajar tentang kerjasama, kepentingan kelompok serta kerelaan untuk berkorbanan Bahkan ia bisa menghadiri Pesta Dansa Musim Dingin bersama cowok diidamannya, yang juga idaman seluruh sekolah, Damen Terpenting, ia memiliki sahabat, Scarlet Kensington Semua yang tidak ia punyai saa...

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    3.5 stars

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    The supposed twist near the end reminded me of Scooby Doo While this book was slightly better than the first, it s almost as if Hurley can t figure out what kind of author she d like to be, what kind of books she d like to write Her writing style and characters have changed so much, the first book is only needed for background info on the characters It s like her writing shouldn t be published, so much as exist in a High School English class The ending in this one is almost clich and Disney like than the last Her books offer clich after clich , from her characters to her story lines to her endings All the pop culture references really reflect Hurley s history of producing for T.V However, T.V is not like books, books require a little depth, characters people can relate to but with characteristics that set them apart from others, and...

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    This was awful I could not even finish it The first was okay at least it had SOME plot line it kept me reading to find out if she got the guy she didn t The interesting cover is not enough to keep me reading, and really, the cover is the only thing this book has going for it I hate the feeling of forcing myself to read something and since I had to do that here I quit The writing and story was juvenile, even if s...

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    At the end of the first book I wondered if their was going to be a sequel and a few months latter I happily learned that their was another book coming out, the plot centers around the all important high school event of Homecoming, turns out Petulia had flunked her senior year in order to try to win Homecoming queen this year, her now senior year sister Scarlet is having a long distance relationship with college age Damen, both are ripped into a situation when Petulia mystreiously enters a coma, but meanwhile Charlolet is having a unhappy time in a mudane after life where she has to intern at a teen help line where she never gets any calls, her friends are being pushed aside by the sly new girl Maddy who is controlling her life Spoliers start here Soon Petuila finds her self in a ghost wating room with a dying pagent girl, ...

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    Charlotte Usher finds out that graduating in the afterlife isn t what it s cracked up to be She ends up in a phone room, waiting for a teen to call for help Except no one calls.Then tragedy hits Hawthorne High s most popular girl Petula Her sister Scarlet, tries to help Charlotte is the answer But will Scarlet be able to get to her in time to save both of them This is the sequel to GHOSTGIRL This fast paced novel kept me turning the pages wanting to see what Scarlet s answer to helping her vain sister would include beside trying to reach Charlotte, who is very much dead Pop references ar...

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    Gostei mais deste do que do primeiro, mais profundo mas com o mesmo toque de humor Depois da gradua o, Charlotte e outros fantasmas recebem a not cia que ter o de fazer um est gio onde ter o de responder a telefonemas de adolescentes que tem problemas dando conselhos Mas antes de come arem todos recebem prendas devido sua gradua o infelizmente Charlotte n o recebe nada dos seus pais e a nica que n o recebe telefonemas Mas a chegada de uma nova personagem Maddy ir trazer muitas aventura...

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    I admit I really like the series I know I m completely out if the age range, but I don t care Seeing Charlotte again was nice, and knowing that even though she matured and did the right thing back in book one, that doesn t mean she has suffered a complete transformation She is still insecure and full of doubts, and I understand her very well One doesn t grow out of insecurities in months or a year It takes a whole life of working through your self esteem and eventually growing up and changing environments So, for the sake of the story, I don t mind if Charlotte can never quite completely shake her insecurities away, or completely mature After all, as is mentioned during the book, she will be forever a seventeen year old, and all the emotions and feelings that come with the age will never truly leave her Kinda tragic She ll be forever young, but forever a teenager I liked Scarlet, she hasn t changed much, but she has entered that stage when girls worry about their boyfriends and the relstionship, which shows us another facet of Scarlet, one that was interesting to discover Damen didn t...

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    DIVERTID SIMA, interesante visi n del m s all y linda continuaci n de la trama de la primera parte Final bastante anunciado excepto por esa ltima p gina Me gust bastante.

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